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9 Things you must do to maximize your chances of obtaining a small business loan(1)

9 Things you must do to maximize your chances of obtaining a small business loan

To get approval for your small business loan application, you must be able to meet the lending criteria set down. Some organisations are more risk averse than others, and will therefore have more stringent criteria. To vastly increase your chances of a successful funding application, you will need to present the following information:

1. The reason for the loan. The lender will be looking for something that fits within the normal range and expertise of your business. The amount may cover a number of items, so you will need to cover each.

2. The amount required, and the repayment term of the small business loan you want. (e.g. $10,000 term 5 years, payable quarterly).

3. Details of how you will repay the amount borrowed. For example:- From the increase in profits of reduced running costs of the Whizzbang Go4It

4. Details of security you will be able to offer to the lender. This will act as reassurance for the lender. If you're not prepared to put up some aspect of security, then why should they?

5. You will need to include your business plan which will serve to answer essential questions relating to management capabilities, information about the market you operate in. What kind of business you are in etc.

6. 3 Years financial statements. You will need to present quality financial information from your accounting software, preferably signed off by your accountant or tax advisor.

7. Latest Set of Management accounts. Again produced from your accounting software.

8. Accounts receivables (debtors) and payables (creditors) ageing reports.

9. Principals financial statements - Particularly required if some form of security is necessary.

If you are a new company, the emphasis is going to be on your business plan , and the security (also called collateral) you or your business can provide against the loan.

You must take the time to practice presenting your case to the bank or lender to iron out any glitches. Practice on your colleagues and family (you never know, they might be so impressed, they'll invest or lend!). It may help to role play the lender and come up with as many pointy questions as possible. The more time you take the better your chances will be. (But remember, don't fall into the analysis paralysis trap!)

Good luck!

Lower Rate Finance Made Easier On Debt Consolidation Loans

Lower Rate Finance Made Easier On Debt Consolidation Loans

Accumulation of debts is always a painful development for a borrower as it can at times ruin him financially and therefore all of his life. These borrowers, however, need not to worry on debt front. They are now more at comfort as they avail debt consolidation loans. This loan is a big help in paying off those loans that were taken at higher interest rate and relieve the borrower from the debt burden.

Process of paying previous debts is very simple. When borrowers take debt consolidation loans they pay off debts from the loan amount either them selves or ask the new loan provider to do the job on his behalf. The biggest advantage of taking debt consolidation loans is that the borrower gets rid of higher interest rate loans at once and therefore saves lot of money as the new loan is taken at comparatively lower interest rate.

But instead of rushing for the debt consolidation loans, first the requirement of the loan should be arrived at. To do this, calculate all the debts including interest to be paid on them. Take help of an expert who will tell you exactly how much an amount you should borrow and at what interest rate to pay off debts.

Then, while applying for the loan, borrowers have to choose from secured or unsecured debt consolidation loans. The advantage of the secured option is that one can avail the loan at lower interest rate. The loan amount also can be borrowed to the requirements. To take the secured route, borrowers need to offer any of their property as collateral with loan providers. The collateral may consist of home, vehicle, valuable papers etc.

Normally lenders provide secured debt consolidation loans anywhere in the range of Ј5,000 to Ј75,000. If loan requirement is greater, borrowers should offer the collateral of higher equity. As far as repayment term is concerned, lenders give an easy duration of 5 to 25 years to the borrowers. This is also larger enough term for borrowers to regain financial health.

For borrowers of secured Debt Consolidation Loan, lower interest rate is well ensured. What is more, the rate of interest is lowered further if the borrower compares loan providers’ different interest rates.

On the other hand, under the unsecured option, borrowers are required to give adequate proof of their income source and financial standing if any to take unsecured debt consolidation loans. The rate of interest however may be little higher if the repaying capacity is not satisfactory. The loan amount may also be smaller for such borrowers. In order to get the loan of better terms and conditions, these borrowers should do their best in improving credentials. They should bring their credit score nearer to the acceptable level of 720 on the FICCO scale where the score ranges from 300 to 850.

Also, apply for the loan online to reach numerous loan providers to compare different loan packages.